KP Promotional Products

Most people forge relationships with large companies by chance, heres our story. The Trador girls attended the wedding of one of their clients, After a few drinks and a good old knees up with other guests of the wedding, the bride suddenly announced to us that someone was stealing some of the table arrangements and could we keep an eye out. Later it was noticed that someone removed our arrangement and on a second glance also had others in hand.

We (doing as the bride had asked) told this guest to put it back and all the others as well, only to be told by the bride that this was a good friend who was carrying this job out on her behalf. This was found to be hilariously funny on the night and had a direct impact on the door being opened for us with KP Nuts. Sometimes it really is a case of being in the right place at the right time!

We've just completed a job for KP consisting of ThermosFlasks, Mouse Mats, Coasters, Pens, Bags etc.

  • Weldricks Chemists... introduced to them by our copier man.
  • Doncaster Rovers... chairman of supporters club just happened to be passing one day and decided to call in, we've done their work for the last 4 years.
  • Nuffield Health... (formerly known as cannons health clubs)... decided it was time to keep fit and sat down to sign the membership papers WITH the marketing manager ...yippee. So now we do all Nuffields work and do a quick workout whilst writing the business.
  • Keep Moat Stadium... was introduced to the events manager through another business client who made a phone call whilst we were in her office and heard her say something like "use my girls they are the best, you wont go anywhere else", Boy! were we pleased that day.